How You Can Block Websites On A Belkin Router

Posted by: | Posted on: December 3, 2019

The guide intends for describing the process of blocking unwanted sites for a Belkin router. The info compiled here’s reliable and simple. Nevertheless, it’s highly suggested that consumers follow and implement the instructions effectively to stay away from confronting conventional Belkin router problems. This can ultimately help save them from calling default Belkin router login for assistance.

Do you wish to block specific sites as person, marketing or maybe marketing sites etc. from the viewing of the children of yours or maybe various other owners in the home? The majority of the users would rather place safe computing into training for the children of theirs along with other owners in the building. In case you’ve a Belkin wireless router, you are able to quickly do so. The below mentioned manual is going to help you block the sought-after sites on your Belkin router by yourself and without the assistance of Belkin tech support services.


Connect your pc with an Ethernet cable to among the four LAN ports (located at the back) of Belkin router. When done, link to the web and open the web browser of yours. Type’′ (with no quotes and as it is) in the browser’s address bar and press Enter on the rii.

Type the login credentials of yours as password and username on the router’s login page and click the Submit button. Ensure that you type in the appropriate info; or else you will not be able to use the router setup page. In case you never ever changed the login info of yours, then it has to be one which came originally with the wireless router docs. Look at them for the reference in case you’re not certain. Because Belkin routers are delivered with no password, you do not have to type something in the Password box, just click Submit to go on towards the setup page. In case you included a password in the past to your wireless router, then simply type it in to move forward.

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