Oahu Beaches Guide

Posted by: | Posted on: June 24, 2020

Waikiki Beach is quite possibly most famous beach in the world, and most certainly in Hawaii. It’s in fact made up of five less significant beaches, placed on Oahu’s south shore. The industry is generally filled with tourists trying to sun, swim, and learn to surf on the small waves. But it is still a gorgeous area and excellent for people watching. The newly renovated Waikiki Beach Walk provides many choices for lodging, shopping, dining and playing.

But, Waikiki is far from the sole beach worth talking on the island. Here is a list of only some of the other beaches you will want to consider.

Windward Shore

The East beach is usually the calmest on Oahu, and also to have probably the very best swimming beaches.

Waimanalo Beach, inside the city of the same name, is a local favorite. However, almost all visitors aren’t conscious of its existence. About two miles in length with a wide strip of sand; this beach is among the greatest swimming areas on Oahu.

Kailua Beach, in the city of Kailua, is famous because of its windsurfing. Lots of sand, with modest waves, there’s actually an offshore island to that the adventurous can actually swim.

Leeward Shore

Traveler Alert: There have been reports of many break-ins to rental automobiles and resentment by local people of tourists on the West shore.

Hawaii’s most famous beach park is placed south of Makaha, and has some of the top swimming on the West shore.

North Shore

Traveler Alert: Recognized for its surfing, the North shore waves regularly hit 30 feet during the winter months. Use extreme caution during this particular time of year.

Sunset Beach Park has waves that often hit 15-20 feet in the winter and several massive swells while in the summer. Very limited parking.

Waimea Bay Beach Park is exactly where you are going to find some of the greatest waves in the world, some of which are more than 30 feet tall. This beach is perfect for only most experts of surfers in the winter months.

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